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Mayas Painting provides amazing results when painting trims


Mayas Painting provides amazing results when painting trims

People usually think painting trims is as easy as it sounds. However, picking the right color is essential. The trim may be a small part of the house; however, they can transform the overall interior look of your home. See how Mayas Painting can transform your interior trim by calling at (267) 815-3998!

These are some of the great options you have:

The classic glossy trim

Usually, homeowners just like to throw the glossy white paint over their trims. The problem is, of course, that it turns into the lazy choice. So, the idea is to pick glossy white because you’d really love it on your trims. Use it to highlight the trims on soft colored walls like beige or olive.

Painting trims the same color as the walls

Some people think it’s weird, but many others love it. Painting your trims of the same color as the walls works perfectly with bare walls. Also, it looks amazing even if you want to hang lots of pictures. Create a unified look with Mayas Painting!

Gorgeous natural wood

Natural wood looks beautiful in any detail in your home. Thus, a well-stained wood trim will look amazing with virtually any color. It can certainly add an earthy, traditional look.

While many people think that’s the way it should be, your personal taste matters. If you’re not happy with stain colors, you can paint the wood in a color that you love!

Painting faux trims

Some homes were built without a trim. Maybe they forgot, or previous owners just didn’t have your tastes. Whatever the case is, you can start painting trims on your own! The best part is that design ideas are endless.

Call a professional like Mayas Painting for quality trim painting!

Painting trims straight black

Add a serious tone to the overall look of your house with black. It’s bold, yet elegant and gorgeous at the same time. It’s also perfect to highlight the details on a really old house.

Whatever look you choose, you can always trust Mayas Painting for effective trim painting. Get in touch with us today for quality results!


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