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Things to Keep in Mind for Your Stucco Contractor


What to ask your stucco contractor in Philadelphia PA?

Whether it is a small project or a very large one, Mayas Painting is a team that is dedicated to perform as your ideal stucco contractor in Philadelphia PA. We carry a lot of experience in both residential and commercial projects.


Browse through our previous posts to learn how to perform your next interior decoration with a few ideas and start your new remodeling today! Narrowing down your options for hiring a professional contractor can come in handy, but there are certain things you should know.


If you are not familiar with this finish you should know that is a cement plaster that is applied over your wall or surface, no matter if its inside or outside. It can provide you with is made out of materials such as:


  • Cement
  • Lime
  • Sand


We’ve talked about the benefits of a stucco finish over your outdoor walls, and for this post we’d like to talk about how to choose and what to ask your next stucco contractor in Philadelphia PA.


How to choose your stucco contractor in Philadelphia PA?


There are certain things you contractor should know and that is this type of material you be applied over a lath, in that way it keeps it away from frame sheathing. Here are a couple of questions you can ask your next stucco contractor in Philadelphia PA:


  • Do you have a portfolio from previous work?
  • Do you have referrals?
  • Are you licensed to help me with stucco?
  • What type of surface preparation do you do?
  • How many crew members will be on site?
  • Can stucco be stained?
  • How many coats of stucco are you going to apply?


Thin coats or large coats? Always thin coats in three different coats. But the professional that you hire should be able to answer to all those questions. Get in touch with our crew today and request a FREE estimate on our services.


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