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Exterior Painting: It’s Best to Do It During Springtime


Springtime is the best moment to renovate your exterior painting

We are now well into spring, and like many other years, most homeowners decide that this is the best time for home renovations. In places like Philadelphia PA, it’s also the time most homeowners start evaluating their houses for any damages caused by winter. Exterior painting is not the exception. Though spring is also a busy time for contractors of different areas, here at Mayas Painting decided it was the right time to share a few thoughts about why springtime is the best time to renovate your exterior painting.


During winter, you were able to shelter from the elements. We know that you probably were able to snug under some bed sheets in a warm home. Your exterior painting, on the other hand, was not probably that lucky. It probably stood up as the first defense for your exterior walls. Believe us, ice, snow, wind, and even just cold rain take their toll on your exterior painting. For example, the cycle of freezing and defrosting water means a constant expansion and contraction of moisture. A paint job in good shape can withstand this phenomenon easily, but what if your last exterior painting project was already quite a few years ago? If that’s the case, even minimal cracks and imperfections in the paint can be worsened by freezing and thaws.


Now that it is already spring, the milder temperatures, especially if they went from cold to warm somewhat abruptly, can cause your last paint job to actually peel off. The change in temperature makes that tight bond between exterior paint and the materials under it to grow weaker; so, when the exterior painting is old, it is likely that it will not be as strong as before. As such, it will eventually start to flake off, crack, bubble inside, or decolorize. A quick assessment of your house will determine if you need a new exterior painting job. If that’s the case, do not hesitate and get in touch with Mayas Painting today. For any other common springtime projects such as drywall installation, visit our blog.


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