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Black and White on Your Walls


Black and White on your Walls

Mayas Painting is a company that prides in being the best in what we do, which during this entry is painting your walls and leaving impeccable results. Throughout the years we have worked on a variety of projects to assure you the best color combinations and enhancements to have over a certain room, space and whole environment.

Today we are here to advice you on the very opposite combination and contrast, which is the combination of black and white, this contrast is a classic that does not lose its strength over the years. In our company we suggest you paint a wall of these colors to brighten and bring appeal over your property and for this we have prepared a black and white pack that will transform the room you choose to do it in. at Mayas Painting we make it easy!

Our main goal is to propose to paint a wall striped black and white. The stripes can be vertical to give the appearance of more space and height when it seems that the ceilings are too low. If you want to create a visual effect that makes it seem wider you need paint horizontal stripes. In any room you choose to apply this feature in main wall and paint the rest blank. We give you the ideas that make you feel encouraged to paint and revitalize the room you choose.

Bedrooms where the header wall—main wall is used to make stripes. Striped bathrooms that have a very striking effect that has nothing to do with the size of the bathroom and you can combine with one or two other colors to even brighten up more the ambient, a color such as fuchsia.

At Mayas Painting we show you how you can make the base for painting stripes on the wall: straight, zigzag , etc. and start preparing the walls so that they are in good condition at the time of painting. You choose the form of stripes; decide the thickness and we add the finishing touches to make the precise measurements with a fine pencil to then cover the paint. At our company we will only deliver premium painting and high quality results over your walls. Call us in today for a free estimate and come back for more ideas to paint your walls with.


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