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The Dangers of Not Doing Your Snow Removal Services on Time


The dangers of not doing your snow removal services on time

Postponing snow removal services from your property can come with a lot of hazards, and for this post we would like to bring to your notice a couple of things removing all snow can prevent. Maya’s Painting is a team that has the equipment to rid your entrance way from all snow.


On previous post we’ve talked about the importance of removing snow so that your property’s façade isn’t damaged, as well as to avoid your deck from deterioration by the removal of snow on the outdoor parts of your property.


A blizzard can become a hazard once your sidewalk becomes slippery; if one of your family members falls on the ice a trip to the hospital can be inevitable. And if your commercial property’s sidewalk is also slippery from the ice you could be held responsible in a lawsuit.


What are the dangers of not doing snow removal services?


Here are a couple of facts you can take in so you can take advantage of our snow removal services:


  • Liability issues: prompt snow removal prevents the freeze cycle that can cover your driveway or sidewalk with dangerous ice. Make your property safer for anybody who comes in.
  • Be prompt: removing 3 inches of snow is easier than removing 7. Although our team has the equipment to perform snow removal services when you most need, it is always advisable to be prompt.
  • Where is your business entrance? potential guests might be unable to enter the premises if you don’t get the snow removed right away.
  • Rooftop overload: did you know that most roofing systems have specifications for snow load? Deteriorated roofs might not be able to bare the overload from snow.


If you a large property extension, whether it is residential or commercial, it is always recommended to get ahead and perform snow removal services so your grounds are safe from hazardous snow overload. Don’t let the ice cover your sidewalk! Maya’s Painting is the team to perform your services in the minimal amount of time today.


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