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Drywall Repairs Will Be a Piece of Cake by Doing These 7 Steps


Drywall Repairs Will Be a Piece of Cake by Doing These 7 Steps

Become a Pro in Drywall Repairs by Following These Steps

Drywall is one of the most reliable building materials. Drywall is a great option because it’s easy to install and repair. Thus, it will save you money when installing it, or when hiring drywall contractors for drywall repairs.

However, if you have the right tools, materials, and set of skills, you can do some DIY drywall repairs.

What are the Tools Needed for DIY Drywall Repairs?

Drywall repair tools and materials

There is a saying that goes: don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. The same advice is valid when you are going to do a drywall repair.

The Right Tools Are:

  • Three flexible knives of different widths
  • Utility knife
  • Drywall saw or hacksaw
  • A drill

The Right Materials Are:

  • Drywall compound
  • Drywall nails and screws
  • Mesh and paper tape

How to Repair Doorknob Damage in your Drywall?

Perhaps, this is one of the easiest drywall repairs. You need to buy some aluminum screen covered with fiberglass mesh. Then, you peel off its backing and stick the patch covering the doorknob hole.

The next step is to use a drywall knife to apply the drywall compound over the mesh. However, you must make sure to apply three coats of drywall compound to the maximum.

Moving to a more complicated stuff.

Fixing a Big Hole In Your DrywallHow to Repair a Large Hole in your

Step 1

You must draw a square around the drywall hole. Then, you must use a drywall saw or a hacksaw to cut all the four sides of the square.

While cutting through the drywall, you shouldn’t let the drywall waste to fall into the drywall cavity.

Step 2

Use one or two pieces of pine to provide backing support for the drywall panel you’re going to install.

Make sure to apply a lot of construction adhesive, so that the pine panel attach firmly to the drywall studs.

You can use a pair of C clams while placing the pine panels in place.

Step 3

Once the construction glue has dried, you should cut a square piece of drywall. Make sure it fits perfectly to avoid filling big seams.

Step 4

Then, you fasten the drywall piece to the backing boards and the drywall stud if there is any. But remember that you must use high-quality drywall screws for a more lasting result.

Step 5

Use sticky fiberglass mesh tape to cover all the seams in the repaired panel. It is better to overlap the tape at the corners because it offers more strength to the repaired section.

Step 6

Use a drywall knife to apply the first coat of drywall compound over the mesh tape. Once the drywall mixture has dried, you should smooth its surface by sanding it.

This is done for leveling the repair section with the surrounding area.

Step 7

Apply between 3 or 4 coats of drywall compound over the repaired section. In the end, make sure to sand the last layer to leave a smooth surface.

Well, these were some helpful instructions to perform DIY drywall repairs. For sure, repairing a doorknob hole is easier than fixing a big hole in your drywall.

We hope you become skilled repairing both. In case you don’t have time to repair your walls or you don’t know yet how to do it, make sure to get assisted by a drywall contractor.

Give us a call to take care of your drywall repairs. We promise to deliver prompt, economical, and spotless results.


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