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Exterior Painting Tips for Summer: Refresh Your Walls This Season!


Exterior Painting Tips for Summer

Have you ever asked yourself when the perfect time of the year for exterior painting was? The truth of the matter is that regardless of how silly that question may seem, there is actually a perfect time of he year for exterior painting and that is summer. Exterior painting during summer is the most recommended among painting contractors- – why? Summer time is the ideal season for exterior painting because this is the season where the climate is the most predictable. During other seasons, weather becomes unpredictable and rain, snow, or humidity make it almost impossible to take forth high class exterior painting.


Te only problem that could possibly be faced in exterior painting during summer is the excessive heat. If you paint when the temperature is over 85 degrees Fahrenheit you can expect for your paint job to look and and even blister. The heat is easily something that a professional painting contractor can overcome- it is all in just painting the exterior of your property during the early morning or in the late afternoon. If by any chance it begins to pour down rain, painting contractors will recommend that you postpone painting until the bad weather has passed. Once the rain has gone for good, sand the exterior walls and repaint them.


When you are thinking about exterior painting during summer, professionals will recommend that you start on the west side of your property then gradually work your way towards the east side. By working with this direction, you will save yourself from a gnarly sun burn as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.


We know that exterior painting during summer may be a little hard to do, which is why the painting contractors at Mayas Painting offer exterior painting at competitive prices. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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