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Finding the Best Exterior Color


Finding the Best Exterior Color

If you want your property to be the talk of the neighborhood- in a good way- give your estate a fresh new paint color on its exterior.  Mayas Painting understands that painting a home requires prior planning and most of the planning process is centered towards finding the best color, therefore we bring you this article that focuses on making finding the best exterior color an easy task.  After reading this, you will know how to better select the right exterior paint color for your property.


One of the first things that one must do when trying to find the best exterior color, is to keep in mind those factors of your estate that are difficult to change. For example, if you don’t plan on changing your roofing, your driveway, sidewalk, pathways or any other complete renovation any time soon then you must select a paint color that works with those factors. Taking those elements of your home into consideration will allow for the color selection process to become easier as you weigh in what colors match and complement each other nicely.


On another hand, you must always be mindful about the style and feel of the entire estate. One would never paint a Victorian style home an orange tone, instead a light blue would look more adequate to that home’s structure and era.


Furthermore, because you know that the color on the exterior of your property can affect the look of the neighborhood with a totally different color hue, one must consider cool or warm tones that match with almost everything.  Warm colors are brown, white, beige, and tan while cool colors are considered greys, blues, and black.


If you are having trouble finding the right color for your exterior paint job, work with the professionals at Mayas Painting.


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