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Give Your Kitchen a Great Touch with Cabinet Refinishing Services


Give Your Kitchen a Great Touch with Our Cabinet Refinishing

10 Years Taking Care of Your Kitchen with Our Cabinet Refinishing

Your cabinets are fundamental for your kitchen appeal and functionality. We know that you are considering updating the look of your kitchen before Christmas gets home. Thus, cabinet refinishing is the most economical solution for you.

Cabinet refinishing is like a new skin since it is a surface change. It can be compared to painting your car, your home, or getting new clothing for you.

Here at Mayas Construction; we have been working with passion and commitment for almost 1 decade. Today, we’ll talk about cabinet refinishing, and what are benefits you get out of it.

We offer cabinet refacing in Philadelphia PA. So, if you need the best cabinet renovations, you must contact our experts to let them work their magic.

What Does Our Cabinet Refinishing Service Include?

When visiting your home, we make a complete inspection of the state of your kitchen cabinets. Of course the box or the carcass of your cabinet must be in good shape.

Our staff will start by removing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. We’ll evaluate if they need a new paint layer or if they need to be replaced.

The cabinet box can get some upgrades too, so your cabinets can look amazing in the outside and inside.

Why to Choose Refacing Instead of Cabinet Replacement?

Cabinet refacing will save you 50% of the money you could have spent in a replacement project. At the end, you’ll invest only half of the money, while giving your kitchen cabinets a complete new look.

Your cabinets will look just as good as if they were new. The reason is simple. What people see of your cabinets is commonly their exterior. So, by having cabinet refinishing, you will provide the same visual effect with the less amount of money. You’ll have new paint color and new cabinet knobs.

If your plans are to make your kitchen look more attractive for guests or simply for yourself, painting your cabinets is a small thing to do. Yet, these small updates really make the difference.

Get in contact with us today, so we can beautify your dear kitchen. Be ready for Christmas or be ready for the coming year.


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