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Guide to Choosing Paint for Your Next Project


Guide to Choosing Paint

Choosing the right paint isn’t always easy, whether it is for interior or exterior painting. We have all experienced the confusion of not knowing what brand to choose, what color to opt for, and even the occasional, “Do we go for oil or water based paint?” Truthfully, there are so many questions that we encounter that make it quite the difficult task to complete. If you ever have had trouble choosing the right paint, this guide is for you. No more having to stand in front of the paint counter for long minutes, wondering if you chose right. Make the best decision for your interior or exterior painting.

Today, we will go into depth about how to choose the best paint for your particular project. Are you ready?

Consider the Paint Smell

First and foremost, the first step towards choosing the right paint is to consider how much the paint odor affects you. If you are an individual that can’t stand the smell of paint, you might want to consider using water based paints. Water based latex paints are paint products that contain little to no smell—making it the ideal choice for you.

By using water based paint, you will be able to use the room in no time since the smell won’t be a problem per say.

Consider Room Traffic

In addition, the second step towards choosing the right paint for your interior or exterior painting is to consider how many activities go in within the room you want painted or the space. Is it a highly trafficked area of the home? If your answer is yes, then opt for high gloss paint. High gloss paint resists stains and makes cleaning a lot easier. This is especially important if you have children running around and/or pets.

Think About the Size of the Space that You Want Painted

Moreover, would you like the room to be bigger? Pick a color that fools the eye into believing it is bigger than what it actually is by picking a shade of something light. Dark colors make a room look a lot smaller. Therefore, you might want to opt for a white or some pastels.

How Many Times Do You Need to Paint?

Finally, another step towards choosing the right paint is to think about how many times you re-paint the property. If you are not a frequent painter, you need durable paint like 100% acrylic latex paint. This paint product will make your walls look good even as time progresses. If you are someone that re-paints constantly then you can opt for something else.

To conclude, thinking about these steps will provide you with the answers you need and ultimately you will choose the right paint for your project. In the end, if you still want professional help and guidance then you can always choose us to help.

Mayas Painting has a color consultant team that can make the entire process easier on you. Contact our team today and schedule an appointment for quality interior or exterior painting.



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