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Get perfect interior walls with our drywall taping skills!


Get perfect interior walls with our drywall taping skills!

Due to prior drywall installation or repair projects, you probably know certain tools that your contractor uses. Indeed, most drywall repair projects entail using a special tape. We will show you today what the purpose of drywall taping is. By seeing its usefulness and importance, we hope that you get to know more about our trade.

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Why contractors find drywall taping useful

As of now, you probably know that contractors place drywall tape between two panels. You may ask yourself, “How will a piece of tape help in bonding two larger, heavier objects?” Indeed, it’s a valid question. However, it does have more than one answer.

Structural function

There is an important issue when installing drywall panels on a wood-framed house. As the foundation settles, the framing and – as a result – the sheetrock panels usually shift. This force can cause an individual panel to move independently to the next one.

Now, the joint compound will turn into powder if the panels move. Thus, you need drywall taping to back it up and give it some extra stability.

Better aesthetics!

You probably wonder, “Why will joint compound turn to dust?” The problem is that all-purpose mud shrinks after some time. If you add wall shifting to the equation, you will have visible cracks in every joint.

In this case, drywall taping helps you to keep the seams invisible. While the compound shrinks, the tape won’t.

Don’t skip this step! Mud can fill the gaps, but it’s the tape that will hold it together. The tape offers the smooth surface that the mud needs to provide adhesion. After all, the joint compound is not considered to be glue by itself.

There you have it! If you’re not sure about how to use drywall taping, don’t worry! Our experts at Mayas Painting know what’s up. Get in touch with us today!


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