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Reasons for Hiring a Licensed and Insured Painting Contractor


no problems by hiring a licensed and insured painting contractor

You might think that hiring an unlicensed and uninsured painting contractor is affordable. Well, this may be true in the short term, but it’s not true in the long-term. So, today, we’ll talk about the reasons of why you should hire a licensed and insured painting contractor.

Why Should You Hire a Licensed and Insured Painting Contractor?

Get the Best Painting Results

professional painters provide neat painting resultsMost of the time, when we hear about unlicensed painters, we think of two words: rookies and cheap. Well, it’s not that we want to be harsh, but hiring inexperienced and unlicensed painters could ruin your house painting project.

Since government agencies do not evaluate them, they don’t have a specific guideline to meet. So, most of the time, inexperienced painters may provide poor quality painting results.

Now imagine that they failed to complete the project. What if the painting job started to peel off after few months they finish? These situations will probably cost you more money since you may need to hire an expert painting contractor to finish the job. So, if you aren’t careful, you may end up spending as much as twice.

When hiring our painting experts, they will do everything right from the start. Our painters will start by doing superb preparation work. Our people know the importance of this. Besides, they use the best tools and products in the market to ensure a high-end painting work.

So, in other words, you’ll get high-quality results by hiring a licensed and insured painting contractor.

Uninsured Means Passing on the Financial Risk to You

uninsured painters mean financial risk to youWell, we put it in that way because it’s what happens. An uninsured painter will put your personal finance at risk. How so? Well, let’s us shed some light.

Painting a house or a business premise is risky. It requires workers to climb ladders and handle chemicals. So, if the worker is not insured, what will happen when he/she becomes injured?

So, here are just a couple of things to consider:

  • If someone gets injured on your property, you’ll have to pay the medical bills.
  • The homeowner’s policy won’t cover you.
  • You’ll have out of pocket expenses due to theft and other crimes.

Most homeowner’s policies require homeowners to hire licensed contractors to work on their properties. So, if you hire an unlicensed or uninsured painter, your homeowner’s policy won’t cover the damages.

So, we advise you to hire a licensed and insured painting contractor like us, Mayas Painting since this will keep you from paying extra insurance expense. Call us today so that we can set a time for your project.

It’s important that you hire a licensed and insured painting contractor because in case something goes wrong, you’ll not have to deal with the mess by your own.


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