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Avoid Deck Damage! Hire Quality Snow Removal Services


Avoid deck damage! Mayas Painting has snow removal services

Now that the winter has finally settled in for good, you should always keep an eye on your outdoor areas to prevent damage. When it comes to avoiding moisture damage, deck damage or paint peeling our team can help with its snow removal services.


Mayas Painting is a team of professional contractors, that is well qualified to enhance the beauty of any painting necessities you might have for your residential or commercial property, but we can also assist you with snow removal services in the nearby area.


On previous posts our team has explained how equipped and experienced we are when it comes to doing your snow removal in your property; but for this post we would like to bring to notice what would happen if you avoid treating your paint job, and deck staining to resist the harsh weathering.


Key points when doing snow removal services


Doing prep work to avoid the snow from damaging your surfaces can help you achieve the beauty and appeal your residential or commercial property needs to look its best. Sweeping away the snow is not sufficient, and our team is ready to take care of it!


Here is a list of key points to consider when preparing to remove all the snow accumulated outside your property on the sidewalk, pavers, and rooftop.


  • Don’t over-shovel for you could leave unwanted scrapes and blisters when shoveling
  • Let us sweep away any dirt and debris that might obstruct the path of our shovels, and snow plows


Although these are only a few of the many measures our team takes when doing your snow removal services, we are ready to take you through the entire procedure today!


Contact our team right now and let us hand it a FREE estimate on any of our services. Remove all the snow piling up on your entranceway today!


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