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Painting Room Preparations


Painting Room Preparations

If you want your interior house painting to look impeccable, even the prepping of a room when painting plays a major role. When one fails to prepare a room for painting, the results just won’t be the same- quality is compromised when surfaces are primed or sanded.  Because at Mayas Painting we comprehend the importance of prepping a room when painting, we have prepared a guide for you to follow.  Today we will discuss what needs to be done when prepping your room for painting.


First thing is first, what materials will you need to adequately prep your room for painting? The materials you need to purchase include everything from duct tape, cloth, bucket, sanding sponge, and a regular sponge, gloves, rags, and lastly a screwdriver.


Once you have all of the materials needed, you can finally start.


You can commence the room prepping process by removing all of the furniture from the area you want to paint0 if this is not possible then you can just proceed to covering the furniture with a cloth so that you can protect the upholstery from dust and paint.


You can also proceed to removing outlet covers and once that has been done get started on washing the walls. Dip the sponge in the bucket of water and soap solution, and then gently wipe the wall to remove all grime.  To remove excess of water, use the rags.


Further on, caulk baseboards if needed and sand the surface- use duct tape to protect and cover your baseboards. Lastly, prime those walls!


If in the long run this seems like too much work, remember that you can always hire a professional from Mayas Painting. Mayas Painting offers top of the line painting solutions and we never fail to properly prep a surface prior to painting- call us now!


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