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How to Paint Rooms in Residential Painting in Philadelphia PA


How to Paint Rooms in Residential Painting in Philadelphia PA

Having to perform residential painting in Philadelphia PA for multiple rooms is a tedious task. However, painting makes your space feel more like home. As well, it helps you reflect your style and preferences. If you are soon going to embark on this project, here is what you need to know. Truly, this process is easier whenever you prioritize what rooms need painting first.

Primarily, prioritize what rooms should be painted first. Think about how different aspects of your home life are affected. It is always a good idea to paint rooms with the most important functions, first. We have prepared a list to help guide you. This is the best order under which to paint your rooms:

  • First, paint the bedroom: Because your bedroom is where you rest after a long day of painting, along with other chores, paint it first. The sooner you paint the sooner that you will be able to use the space again.
  • Second, paint the bathroom: If you do not wish to start with the bedroom, start with the bathroom. Typically, bathrooms are much smaller areas than other rooms in an estate. Thus, painting this area does not make you feel overwhelmed. With a finished bathroom, you are motivated to continue painting the rest of the estate.
  • Third, paint the kitchen: When you prioritize the kitchen, you give yourself an your family access to fresh produce sooner. During the kitchen painting process, remove all utensils, food, and equipment to avoid food poisoning.
  • Fourth, paint the living room: when the essentials are over and done with, you can move on to painting the living room.

Ultimately, room prioritization depends on your personal preferences. However, analyze how each paint job affects your home routines.  As well, with a professional you can get the job done faster. Get in touch with Mayas Painting today. We can help you plan your residential painting in Philadelphia PA. From beginning to end, we can take care of every detail.


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