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Q & A on all about Interior Painting


Q & A on all about Interior Painting

In the process of interior painting, one faces many decisions that need to be taken. When anyone takes forth an interior painting project, they need to decide what color to go for, what professional to hire, and even if you will opt for oil based or water based paint.  If you are looking forward to painting your interior walls, we imagine there are many questions you want answers to. We prepared this FAQ about interior painting so that all of your concerns can be addressed.

These are the most FAQ in regards to interior painting:


  1. What color should I paint my walls? One of the first things you need to consider when choosing a wall color is the lighting in the room. When the light is dim, you need to consider light paint shades as this will help you create a bigger room illusion.
  2. How do I start prepping the room? One of the first steps in room preparation is in taking care of the furniture. You can either take the furniture out of the room, put it all in the middle of the area, or simply cover it. Once that is said and done, make sure you fill in any holes, sand the walls, and wash if necessary.
  3. What finish do I select? Choosing which finish- whether glossy or not, is actually a lot simpler than deciding what color. You ought to add a gloss to areas such as doors or cabinets as they are very unlikely to get dirt. As for a matte finish, this works ideally for low to zero traffic spaces since it is so difficult to clean.


If you still have any questions in regards to interior painting, get in touch with the professionals at Mayas Painting today! We offer the best interior painting in town.


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