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The Perfect Shade for Exterior Painting in Philadelphia PA


The Perfect Shade for Exterior Painting in Philadelphia PA

Choosing the ideal colors for exterior painting in Philadelphia PA can be tough- after all, no other area of your estate demands as much paint, and no other factor has such a great impact on the overall appeal of the estate. If you choose properly, your estate will look magnificent; if you select poorly, your property will be an eyesore. Do not worry though, because today we will guide you on how to get the color right.

If you want a beautiful color for your home through exterior painting in Philadelphia PA then here is what you need to do:

  • Do not Deviate From to the Property’s Style: Whenever you are considering colors for an exterior paint job, think about the era in which your property was established. A bright shade will not look too great on a federal style home. Select from a color palette that resembles original palettes of that era.
  • Keep Architectural Factors in Mind: Keep architectural elements in thought when choosing a paint color for the paint job; factors such as the driveway, walkway, roofing style, and so forth. Ensure that the color that you opt for does not clash with those types of elements. Instead, pick a shade that creates unity between all of these factors.
  • Do Nor Forget About the Rule of 3: Your home should be painted in 3 main colors; the field color (which is the principal color of the estate), the accent color (which is usually used for doors, shutter and other small areas), and finally, the trim color (where it is for door casings, roof edges, and other trim work).

Finally, if you want to achieve the look that you desire in your exterior painting, then it is always better to have a professional assist you. Contact Mayas Painting today and start saving money on your projects for exterior painting in Philadelphia PA.


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