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Trust our experts for a safe and reliable home demolition


Trust our experts for a safe and reliable home demolition

home demolition project usually involves tumbling down a section of a wall. Other times, it can be more than one complete wall. Such an endeavor requires both skills and tools that a lot of people lack. Plus, it does have a cost that may easily go up per your needs.

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Saving money in home demolition?

Demolition Basically, the location, the size, and complexity of the job are all factors that affect the price. In fact, depending and all of this, your demolition costs can easily go over $2,000. Due to this, many homeowners try to save costs in different ways.

If homeowners are experienced DIY-ers, it’s likely that they would like to do the job themselves. After all, a DIY project means reducing most of the overall demolition costs.

Not for every DIY-er

While keeping home demolition costs down is indeed tempting, not everybody is capable. Only experienced homeowners should try to do this. If you’re an expert DIY-er, you can try it. However, bear in mind that MANY things can go wrong:

Damaging/removing a load-bearing wall

load bearing wallThis is a very costly mistake. Removing a load-bearing wall or part of it causes serious damage to the structural stability of your home. Remember; your exterior walls usually bear most of the load. You can hire an engineer to be sure.


Damaging pipes and wiring

Plumbing demolitionMore than costly, this can be quite dangerous. So, make sure that you know where all these elements are located. Only then, you can start your home demolition. Just remember to turn off your electrical panel and close your plumbing system.

There you have it. Neglecting the proper measures can cause serious safety and economic consequences. However, make sure to get an insured professional if you choose to hire someone else.

Our professionals make sure to handle your project with all the necessary safety measures – all while keeping demolition costs at fair prices. Contact Mayas Painting today!


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