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Guide to Start Painting Ceilings the Right Way


How to start painting ceilings properly in your house

Most of the time, we just care about the appearance of our walls, furniture, and appliances. Yet, the ceilings are important pieces that enhance the look of your house. Then, the process for painting ceilings is a key not only in terms of appearance, but also for a better performance of the structure. Let’s discuss together about how to start your new painting ceilings project at home.

Starting your painting ceilings project

Painting is, perhaps, the easiest DIY project that you can do at your house. Yet, this doesn’t mean that without proper techniques and equipment you will get great results. Also, some projects require the help of experts in the field. Then, for painting ceilings projects, we have gathered some easy tips to follow from top professionals.

The first thing that you need to do is to paint the edges of your ceilings. Paint a 3-to-4-inch area around the structure. Do this with a brush. Therefore, this will help you to control the roller and avoid accidents on your walls. Moreover, take your time and try to work at your own path.

Once you finish, it’s time to start using the roller. Our experts recommend that you load the roller and start painting your ceilings with a W or V pattern. Also, remember to check the spaces where there is an evident lack of paint. It’s good to know that sometimes you will need to paint twice because of the initial conditions of the ceiling or the type of paint you use.

Another tip that will protect you is to not move your roller directly over your head. Do it in parallel with the wall; in this sense, you won’t suffer from falling paint residual over your head. After that, all you need to do is to let the ceilings dry and provide a great ventilation for the room.

Need more details?

If you want more information about painting ceilings or any other interior or exterior painting project, you can contact our professional team. Don’t hesitate and call us today and get the finest painting jobs in the area.


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