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Stucco: The Benefits It Offers to Your Exterior Walls


Stucco: The Benefits it offers As a Finish for Your Property

Stucco, for many years has been one of the most popular exterior finishes out there. As time progresses, more and more property owners become interested in this exterior finish as its performance is outstanding in more ways than just one. Contrary to popular belief, this material is far from being drywall. Today we want to list the greatest benefits to this exterior finish and furthermore, help you comprehend why this type of installation is a must.


One of the greatest benefits to stucco is surely how it protects the exterior of your home to severe weather. This finish is built to withstand cold and hot climates- some stucco materials have tested to be even more resistant than brick. Thousands of home owners have looked into stucco homes due to its ability to resist all those elements that come your home’s way with the purpose to deteriorate the exterior.


Furthermore, this exterior finish doesn’t require much work. In fact, this material is practically maintenance free as it very rarely needs to be repainted or re-installed.


Stucco as your exterior finish also provides your home with safety as it is fire resistant. When you install this finish to your home, you can rest in the thought that if anything were to ever happen- the fire wouldn’t spread which in the long run will potentially save your life, your loved one’s life, and your home as a whole.


A stucco home makes your property value double. Whenever you install this exterior finish, the value of your commercial or residential property increases greatly due to the wonderful benefits it offers and well, the curb appeal.


If you want this material installed at a competitive price, then working with Mayas Painting is always the best solution. Contact our contractors today and we will get started on a high class installation. Our stucco contractors are also equipped to handle stucco repairs if ever required.  Call us today!


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