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Use Leftover Paint Creatively for Any Project


Use Leftover Paint

When all is said and done on your current paint project, at times we have some paint left over. If after you interior or exterior painted and there is still paint remaining, instead of disposing of the paint or reserving it for a long period of time, use the leftover paint creatively.

Today we will show you a couple of ways that you can use leftover paint creatively and that you will enjoy.

With some imagination and creativity here are some projects that will bring some color and life into your home’s décor.

1. Star with the kitchen, ring more color and fun into a plain kitchen by painting some coasters, handles, wooden spatulas, or even canisters.

2. Put color on the exterior of your home, particularly your landscape by painting some flower pots here and there. You can either do a trendy pattern on a flower pot or color them in a solid shade- – whoever you decide, one thing is for sure, they will look remarkable.

3. If you have a book case or any other built in elemnt in yor home, paint it! Create a striking accent in your cabinets, bookcases, or more wth a touch of leftover paint.

4. You can get really creative with your paint and begin to add some stenciled patterns onto your walls or area of choice. Get a stencil, and paint over.

5. Don’t hold back on painting a window frame or door- – painting these areas will definitely give your property a whole new dimension and look.

6. Instead of throwing away old furniture or old home accessories, paint them! You can rejuvenate almost anything with some leftover paint.
As you can clearly see, there’s many things that you can actually do with leftover paint. Work with Mayas Painting today and we can help you use that leftover paint in remarkable ways.


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