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Benefits of Commercial Painting: How a Fresh Coat of Paint Can Do Wonders?


Neatly and Recently Painted Commercial Building with Office Space

Repainting your commercial properties every couple of years should be one of your priorities. Why? It’s simple. There are so many benefits of commercial painting, and today, we’ll tell you each one.

You would be surprised how a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your business.

Benefits of Commercial Painting: Elevates Business Image, Increases Profits & Employee Enjoyment

One of the benefits of commercial painting is that your building will create great first impressions on clients, you’ll attract new customers and thus, increase profits. And last but not least, your employees will be happy to work for you since you created a fun environment for them.

Creates Great First Impressions on Clients

Receptionist Addressing New Customers

Maybe you have neglected your commercial buildings and their appearance. But… helloooo! It would be best if you as the business owner were a little more proactive, so your business improves its image.

How so?

Have you heard of the saying: “you only get one chance to make a first impression”?

We bet you have.

So, one of the benefits of commercial painting is that you can easily get high-quality results in your business facade and indoors.

Your clients and investors will go “wow” when looking at how neat and welcoming your offices are. They’ll think that your business is flourishing, stable, and with great potential.

Making your building exterior and interior surfaces spotless, bright & colorful is a superb way to create great first impressions on clients.

Attracts New Customers, Increases Profits

Business Owner Closing New Clients

We all know that looks are deceiving. Sorry, that was not what I was going to say. My bad.

But seriously, looks are essential in every aspect of our lives, and business isn’t the exception.

I wouldn’t be married and have a beautiful family if I didn’t care about my looks. The same goes for you; you now have a partner cause you made sure to look handsome or stunning to appeal to them.

And when applying this to your business, having an appealing building can be an excellent way to entice new customers and convert them into clients.

For example, new and potential clients will make quick judgments about your business based on its looks. And getting professional painting services to repaint your building can be the defining factor.

One of the benefits of commercial painting is that it makes your business façade and indoors stand out, catching the eye of potential clients. Then, it will be easier for you to convert them into clients and gain their trust.

By driving new traffic to your business, you’ll have higher chances to generate more robust streams of money.

So, good looks do pay!

Creates a Fun Environment for Your Employees

Well, what can I say? A business can’t survive without having a good value proposition (without solving a need). But the other two crucial aspects of business survival are clients and employees.

A business can’t exist without employees. Thus, as the business owner, you must make sure to create a fun, warm & welcoming environment for them.

One of the benefits of hiring a good commercial painting contractor is that they can help you soften & sweeten the office work atmosphere.

So, here is a not so well-kept secret: “You can make your office workers feel more productive, happy, positive, and upbeat by keeping office walls neat, but more importantly, by choosing the right color and decoration.”

Painting your office with the right color can increase your employees’ productivity. Nobody wants to work inside of a boring box.

Instead, as expert commercial painters, we advise you to upkeep the offices and working space to let your employees know that you care about their comfort.

They’ll work effectively by knowing that you’re actively trying to create an enjoyable atmosphere for them.

Reflects Your Business Brand

We Completed Painting Project in Philadelphia PA

Exterior painting is such a powerful way to reflect your business brand colors. Matching your building’s exterior paint to your business brand truly makes a statement.

Most likely, your business has a logo, a website, or a brand. So, you want to make a memorable impact on your clients with a professional c paint job.

In short, one of the benefits of commercial painting is to make sure your clientele recognizes and remembers your brand.

Helps You Keep Pace with Competitors

Keep Pace with Competitors with a Good Paint Job

Doing business is to continually meet your clients’ needs and go the extra mile to delight them. That’s when they become loyal to you.

But even though you might provide the best services and sell the finest products, if your competitor business looks better, people might think they are better in every other aspect.

And it would be best if you didn’t lose any business opportunity, so we advise you to hire a professional commercial painter to give your business a fresh, appealing image.

Take a look at the following example that shows how important is good appearance to do business.

Imagine two clothing stores in the same shopping plaza. Store A looks well-maintained. Its business façade reflects brand colors, and it scored A+ in appearance. On the other hand, store B seems to be losing its life every day. From 30 meters away, you can see its paint job fading. If you get closer, you’ll see cracks and bubbles ruining the building’s façade.

Now, which store will you go to buy a new pair of shoes? We bet you would like store A better.

The reason is simple: good appearance will always influence our choices.

If your competition attracts some of your clients, one good strategy is to call a painting team to do a high-quality painting job over your business façade and interiors.

This will show your clients and competitors that you can’t be easily beaten.

Increases Your Building’s Life

Fresh Coat of Paint Applied to a 3-Story Office Building

A good paint job is to a building what healthy skin is for us humans.

A fresh coat of paint will protect your building from weather elements like temperature, sun, atmospheric pressure, wind, humidity, rain, and snow.

This layer of protection reduces the impact that weather could have on your building’s exterior. Thus, one of the benefits of commercial painting is that it increases your property’s life span.

New paints can create a waterproof coat, so there is zero chance of water leaking into the walls and causing a mess. Every year, paint manufacturers produce paint with stronger chemical bonds to hold against prolonged sun exposure.

Last but not least, by repainting your building every two to three years, you’ll save a lot of money in building maintenance and repairs. Your building will look good, and its structural integrity will remain intact.


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