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No job is too big or small for Mayas Painting as your house painter in Philadelphia PA, for over 10 years we’ve been helping our customers with the coating execution on their interior and exterior walls of their homes. Our team has been able to and up to the challenge when in need of creating beautiful, lovely and impeccable room atmospheres with color contrast and neat coating.

Mayas Painting is a well established company that helps you as a leading house painter in Philadelphia PA.Are you aware of the many benefits you can obtain while painting a certain room in accordance with the use of it? For example did you know that red is easy on the eyes and is capable of inciting emotions and also makes you hungry? According to many psychological studies red and yellow is commonly used in restaurants due to ignite hunger; makes it a perfect color to use over your brand new kitchen!

We want to guarantee our customers that we aren’t just good contractors to hire when in need of a house painter in Philadelphia PA; but we are also your trustworthy painters to achieve the goals you want to meet when starting a painting project over your house. Our team is trained and experience to handle and cover all your valuable objects and surfaces that might get in their way of finishing a neat and perfect coat of painting on your walls.

Before we start brushing you walls, our team is capable and flexible to attend damaged surfaces; if your wall has a couple of holes or has existing damage that needs to get fixed, then our crew will attend to it first, later clean and sand the surface so the primer attaches more easily on it. We’ve become a recognized house painter in Philadelphia PA due to our customer’s great reviews and our capability of solving their painting problems with quality results and in the minimal amount of time. Contact us soon to get the best out of your property with a fresh painting job!

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    Our Mission

    Our mission at Mayas Painting is to deliver exceptional paint finishes to residential and commercial projects- ultimately demonstrating distinction and superiority in what we do.

    Our Vision

    Our vision at Mayas Painting is to continue on the path of growth and excellence. Top performance and unmatched quality is more than just a commitment.

    Why Choose Us?

    Mayas Painting makes achieving long lasting and beautiful finishes for your estate, an easier and more affordable task.
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