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Exterior Painting in Philadelphia PA

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Only a few features in an estate can make an immediate visual impact just as an exterior paint job can. Professional exterior painting in Philadelphia PA can give your estate a fresh, innovative, and updated look. If you are in search for top quality exterior painting, you came to the right place.

Mayas Painting has been a part of the painting industry for several years. Mayas Painting is a well-established company that has been dealing with exterior painting for over a decade.  We are a team that is ready to shield your exteriors with premium products. Furthermore, we are also capable of delivering beautiful and elegant finishes on the façade of your house or commercial property. We bring the quality finishes you seek when in need of exterior painting in Philadelphia PA.

Exterior Painting in Philadelphia PAMoreover, as a team we know what it takes to deliver a superb paint job. Our goal is to help our clients maintain a visually appealing estate for years to come. You can always count on the exterior paint job being done by a highly experienced painter. Mayas Painting trains and educates our painters, in order to stay up to speed with that is trending in the industry.

Though there are many painting companies in the area, there’s only one Maya’s Painting. We stand for excellence in everything that we do and offer.

Truthfully, there are multiple benefits to hiring professional exterior painting services. Exceptionally applied paint coveys pride in your estate and helps define character.

The Benefits of Professional Exterior Painting in Philadelphia PA

First, there are number of ways to improve your property’s value and look. However, painting the property is among the most affordable renovation options. Truthfully, multiple advantages come with painting your estate.  In reality, exterior painting possesses both functional and aesthetical benefits for a premise. Some benefits will be evident immediately, while others as time progresses.

If you are considering changing the color of your home’s exterior, here is what you need to know:

  • Primarily, an exterior paint job enhances aesthetic. Never neglect the aesthetic value that a paint job possesses. With a fresh coat of paint, you experience something new and more upbeat- even more fit to your home’s décor. A fresh paint job goes beyond a simple color choice.
  • Secondly, an exterior paint job objectively increases property value. If you are interested in selling the estate,  a recent paint job has major influence in final value. Something as attractive as your exterior paint job can get you up to 141% in return of investment.
  • Third, with a quality exterior paint job, you enhance curb appeal. This factor alone makes your estate attractive for potential buyers. Or simply it looks great in the neighborhood.
  • Fourth, painting your property’s exterior enables greater protection from the elements. Nature can be cruel to one’s estate with rain, snow, insects, and more. The right paint job can actually help you resist all of these factors to a certain degree. Think of paint as a protective layer- a shield. You never have to worry about moisture seeping into your estate.
  • Finally, if you have siding, you prolong its lifespan with a top of the line paint job.

Of course, in order to fully benefit from these advantages, the paint job must be in great quality. You can ensure greater quality finishes when you hire an expert instead of DIY.

DIY VS Professional Exterior Painting in Philadelphia PA

As mentioned prior, there are greater benefits in professional painting solutions opposed to DIY. Truthfully, DIY seems like a cheaper option. However, if the paint job comes out poorly, you have to invest a lot more in the end. Nonetheless, here is what you obtain with professional painting solutions:

  • The right equipment: Chances are that you have probably painted a room within the estate. Well, exterior painting is different and it takes lot more tools and supplies to tackle. Professionals carry all of the necessary equipment for your paint job- which use is included in what you pay. Whereas, with a DIY project you invest in hundreds of supplies that you probably won’t ever use again.
  • The right prepping: Furthermore, a professional knows just how to prep your surfaces for the right paint job. A professional can determine what kind of prepping your surface demands- for example, what if it needs pressure washing? Professionals will undoubtedly perform all that is required for a long lasting and durable paint job.
  • The best advice: In addition, an expert can guide you during color choice, paint product, and finish. Their experience benefits you, as they know which seal or what primer works best. With advice, you receive better judgment on your projects thus better results.
  • Hand on Safety: Though painting a property’s exterior is a life-risking task, it surely can be hazardous. To start off, professional painters are trained to paint meters off the ground. They know how to work on ladders and scaffolds. Therefore, unless you are certain that you will be safe doing it on your own, you should hire an expert.

Clearly, the pros of professional painting outweigh the thought of DIY projects. Now that you know that hiring an expert is better, how do your proceed about selecting a color?

Choosing the Right Color for Exterior Painting in Philadelphia PA

Picking the right color for your estate can be a tedious task- terrifying for some. Now that you know that painting is a job better left to the professionals, we can also guide you on how to choose the right color.

Maya’s Painting usually guides our clients with the following tips:

  • Light colors will always make an estate seem larger than what it really is. Thus, if you want to make your property look bigger, opt for light tones like white.
  • Dark colors on the trim of your estate can make it seem smaller but it draws attention to the details.
  • To create accent, switch between light and dark shades of the same color instead of changing entirely
  • Choose a paint color that brings out your property’s character and beauty
  • Finally, never overlook architectural details when choosing a paint color

We have years of experience in helping all of our clients in deciding what color to coat their surfaces in. We have yet to disappoint with the result.

Maya’s Painting wants to help you highlight the best features of your estate. Therefore, our team offers color consultations. We do not mind sitting down with our clients and exploring the best color schemes. We allow you to take your time on such an important decision. In addition, we make that decision easier to make.

What is The Cost of Exterior Painting in Philadelphia PA?

Finally, whether you are painting your home’s exterior for boosts in appeal, a simple change in tone, or you name it, one thing is certain. Painting your property’s exterior is a large job and it required proper planning and execution. So, how much will it cost you?

The first thing that you must know is that majority of estimates is based on square feet.  When estimating costs, you need to consider a wide array of factors. For example, you need to think about paint, supplies, size and other items.  A great factor of how much the paint job will cost is typically the property size- is it two stories?

Undoubtedly, you will see a return on investment. Thus, why not invest in greater quality?

One thing is certain, and it is that you always find money saving prices at Maya’s Painting. Thus, if you need an exterior paint job, you can always count on our team. Get in touch with our professionals today and set an appointment. Bring color into your world with Maya’s Painting.

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